Randells Mill was originally built as a flour mill in 1849, by pioneer William Beavis Randell.

  •  William  Beavis Randell worked for the South Australian Company and was one of the earliest pioneers to the state, arriving with his family in South Australia from Devon, in the late 1830's. He was granted land in the area and was the founding father of Gumeracha, laying out the town and building a lot of the early buildings including the flour Mill.  The Mill was completed in 1849, with two foot thick, bluestone walls, three stories high with huge flywheels and attached machinary, some still high up on the walls today. The Mill was run by Mr Randell’s sons, one of whom was “Captain” William Richard Randell the first riverboat captain on the Murray River. Captain Randell built part of his first steamboat at the Mill, then in 1852 he dragged it down by bullock cart to complete and launch it at Mannum. He then proceeded to pioneer the riverboat trade on the Murray, where he worked for many years supplying goods to the gold diggings and settlers along the river. The Museum at Mannum has the old original square boiler from his first boat, the “Mary Ann”, named after his mother.
  • Milling ceased in 1874 and the property became a butter and cheese factory under a local cooperative.  In February 1912, a fire broke out and part of the building was destroyed, with the third story collapsing, the roof caving in and the building left derelict.
  • In 1923 the AMSCOL company purchased it for a milk depot, then part of it became a butcher shop from 1947 until 1977. Once again it was left deserted.
  • In 1978 Mr Peter Brokenshire purchased the Mill and undertook a huge restoration project and used the reconstructed spaces to house his art gallery. In keeping with the historical value of the Mill, in 1979 it was officially opened by the then Governor Sir Walter Crocker.
  • In 2006 part of the Mill was converted to a self contained Loft Apartment. This was done with great care and is still such a lovely space,  while the remainder is where our extra guest rooms are and is also our private residence.
  • Julie and Dean Olsen purchased the Mill in 2013 after finding out it was built by Julie's 4x Great grandfather and is part of her family heritage. We have done extensive renovations as the lovely old building was once again in need of repair.  We really love the Mill and the surrounding community and enjoy very much sharing it with our guests and visitors.
  • Guests and visitors can do a history walk of the town as there are a number of historic buildings and sites close by with information regarding the history on signs out the front.